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Why are white men dating black women

Now that you have watched the video, do you think these reasons are true?

Listen here Susie, just because you choose to let him drive your parents Beamer and pay for all your dates doesn’t mean you are more appreciative of him.

It means that black women are just a little more aware of our value.

I simply told him if she were to tell you that she doesn’t like white guys to say “great I don’t like white guys either, see we already have things in common.” About this time My date rolled her eyes began to laugh but hey it works for her, yeah the one I was with at the ball game originally told me she didn’t like white guys look who she was out with watching a ballgame!!

Bottom line I told them finally that look there is no difference between them and a white girls that whatever cheesy ass pick up lines that worked will more than likely work for them the object is get them laughing and get them to start talking to you.

Now if you knew me you can only imagine how much fun I can have with this.

Sometimes I go a little overboard, but I do know when to pull up.The questions can range from that, to questions of sex. About half time I was with my date she got up and went to the bathroom.It literally amazes me how naïve and ignorant the races can be. At the same time in the seats in front of us were two guys and just at about that time two girls walk by that happens to be black.Who knows they’re probably all happily married with a bunch swirling babies beautiful as ever.That is just some of the many true stories that I have.How can you say black women only want black men when they have money, when we’re they ones they are with they have money?Ever heard of the saying “When he get on he’ll leave your ass for a white girl”?Now, I don’t know about you black women of BA, but my hair is sewn when it’s not grown.You can pull it all day long and it’s not going anywhere. I guess that makes her argument null and void after the first 30 seconds.You can’t say black women don’t hold black men down, when you have a majority of black women visiting their men of ANY race in prison several days a week.You have Tiny nearly losing her own freedom when T. was arrested, you have far too many black women being “down” to a fault.

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