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J-Flash comes with sample projects for most popular microcontrollers and evaluation boards which run out-of-the-box.

J-Flash can be controlled via GUI or via command line which makes it also possible to use J-Flash for production purposes.

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If you have a hardware-design which is based on the one of the eval board, these sample projects should also work for your custom hardware.Download Windows Updates Downloader (version 2.50) and install the program.2. ULZ file with an archiver such as 7-Zip and copy the .Download the following update list to match your 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 install media. UL file to the following location: When WUD is run the list should now be present in the drop down.3.Windows XP has a popular tool called n Lite to do this, Vista has its own version called v Lite which doesn’t work too well with Windows 7 Service Pack 1. This means minimal updates are required from the start and Windows doesn’t become bloated with hundreds of separate updates before you even start to use it.Here we’ll show you how to integrate the Convenience Rollup Update and all the other required Windows 7 updates into a Windows 7 install disc. The process is quite easy once you’ve gone through it once or twice.Optional Software contains the Malicious Software Removal Tool and the latest . Silverlight, Virtual PC and WMF 5.1 are entirely optional and will not be required by most people.Click Download when you’ve selected the required files.Multi-bank programming support describes the possibility to program different flash devices, present on the same hardware, in one Flash programming session.For example, if you want to use the internal flash of your target hardware as well as the external flash for the target application code, multi-bank programming enables you to download the target application into the internal and external flash in one flash programming session.If you install Windows from one of those discs, there are dozens of patches and hotfixes found when you check for updates.Rather belatedly, Microsoft tried to reduce this problem by releasing the Convenience Rollup update in April 2016 which includes 123 patches.

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