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Sqldatasource onupdating cancel update

Select Command = "SELECT, FROM items INNER JOIN users_items ON = users_WHERE (users_items.user_id = @user Id) ORDER BY users_DESC" Protected Sub Sql Data Source_Selecting(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.I dont want to use built-in parameter types (like Control Paremeter, Query String Parameter, etc) I need to pass a vraiable?This is to increase the maintainability of the code.

Thanks aspx-page (change Hi: Do you mean click "remove" and then after another postback the controls in Item Template disappear? Controls) Regards Thanks, I think I will have to work on my explination skills:-) To focus on the problem and not try explain things in the solution not intresting.

It seems a known issue: Studio/feedback/View Feedback.aspx? Conclusion: I will try the workaround, but it seems like it has a drawback that make it useless for me.

This shows up the image with the progress as shown below.

The technique of hiding and showing the image also remains the same as we had discussed in Method 1.

Parser Error Message: A call to Bind was not well formatted.

Please refer to documentation for the correct parameters to Bind.

If you used the Form View control , I’m sure that you had modified it’s generated Edit and Insert templates(like adding calendar for the date fields , changing the textboxes that are bound to the foreign key columns with a dropdown list,adding validation controls to some of the fields , apply some masks … The Problem: The problem is that if you need to use edit and insert functionalities in the Form View control, you will have to modify both of it’s edit and insert will you need to make sure that any change on one of the templates will be reflected on the other templates.

Consider the following example: You are working with the orders table of the Northwind database and you want to use the Form View control to add/edit order information's.

This will remove all controls in all the template fields. I then tried with 2 bound fields predefined and didn't add any columns, but removed the predefined, and same error.

(I haven't tried the result if removing predefined columns) If I use commandfield's instead of templete fields the code works fine. I am sending you the code so you can see if you can reproduce.

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