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You also are a member of the screen actors guild and she began her career at age 11 with a Disney remake of The Parent Trap and it is still going strong with the announcement...

She is also on crack According to Many Sources, The Now Cash-Strapped "Mean Girls" Starlet Earned $3.5Million in 2007 and Spent $7.5Million.

In 2008 she Earned Between $1.2 and $2Million, In 2009 She Earned at the very Best $1 Million In 2010, Her Net Worth Dropped from $30Million in 2005 to $105000 (YES only 105000...probably not, although im not sure if anyone actually knows Answer I think she can; she will have to be honest with herself and believe that she has to make the changes.

that song makes a whole lot more sense now after reading your M and L review although "sanskrit to a pony" still makes absolutly zero sense whatsoever.

[email protected] never understood the uproar about how bad this album was meant to be....

Fancy my surprise then when I began buying up Lou's solo albums at an outrageous pace and discovered that I actually like Lou Reed?!?!?

At this point, I think my main problem with the Velvet Underground is the weak rhythm section and messy self-conscious artiste attitude that permeates through most of their work. Mostly just songs galore, songs galore, a hundred thousand songs knocking at my door!

Lisa says, Love makes you feel and I can't stand it are great and although the velvet underground versions of Ocean and Walk it and talk it were far superior, people like me can't keep harping on about it....

The velvets were the best of all the groups to ever make music so I can't compare 1/4 of the velvets to the whole equation..if you don't get it(the velvets), don't feel bad...listen.

Lindsay is an advocator of the feminist movement, keeping the image of the modern day woman classy.

She also shares a chair at the UN promoting women's right in developing countries.

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