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Musician for orchestra dating

Thank you also for educating and inspiring our interest in the wonderful music of an incredible era.I am so happy I was able to see my all time FAVORITE jazz band live 🙂 I may have been the only 17 year old in the audience but I didn’t care- In The Mood was my absolute favorite song and I am so excited I got to see you guys play!Big Band was my parent’s music but over the years I’ve come to appreciate and love it. Great to see so many young performers in the band also.

She’s in great shape other than her eyesight but she’s really young at heart and looks about 25 years younger than she is. Unfortunately, I can’t be there – I live in New York but will be seeing your show again in California in June and again in the New York area in July.

You do such a great job preserving this fantastic sound! I was a big fan of Larry O’Brien as the director, and know the reason why Neil Hilscher is such a fine, young director.

Due to roadworks on the Westside Midland Metro Extension, there are currently heavy traffic restrictions in place along Broad Street which affect road travel to Symphony Hall and nearby car parks.

As of the show in Lawrenceburg, TN last month, my wife and i have seen you guys about 9 times in the last 9 years. I was surprised that there wasn’t the build up to “In the Mood” as we have seen in previous shows over the years and the crowd didn’t go wild either, which surprised me. Thank you for keeping the music of the Greatest Generation alive. Band members seem to have such a great time and Nick Hilscher is a joy to watch.

Loved the quartet made up of the 3 band members, director and female vocalist.

Musician for orchestra dating

Certainly hope I get the opportunity to attend another concert very soon!

I just loved his interpretation of “Serenade in Blue.” Please record this beautiful song on your next CD, Neil. I grew up listening to the big bands because of my daddy but Glenn Miller was always my favorite. I think Moonlight Serenade is the most beautiful piece of music ever written.

I saw your show last night at the (Dixie) Hal Holbrook theater in Huntingdon, Tn. My youngest son who is in his 40’s went with me and he loved it. I hope someday you will come back close enough so that I can see you again. I would not have considered myself to be a Big Band fan …

Saw the Orchestra again in Bay City Michigan and again it was a great night.

I am so disappointed you are skipping Jacksonville FL this year. Please, please, please come back to Jacksonville next year!!! Regretfully my wife couldn’t attend she was with our grandson.

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