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Brew dating on beer bottles

This includes your hot liquor tank, mash tun, kettle, pots and jugs, spoons, thermometer and tubing.2/ Lay out all items.

Having all equipment and ingredients quickly to hand will At Beer Hawk, we love hunting out the very best craft beers and ales from around the world.

Now I know the bigger breweries can’t be putting stickers on every bottle by hand, but I wish more of the smaller ones would do like the good folks at Jolly Pumpkin!

Hop City, ancient breweries and shoe for a glass: here are the latest happenings, news, views and events you need to know about this week 1/ A shoe for your glass.

Belgian beer bars have had enough of people stealing the glasses, so much so, one bar is demanding a shoe as a deposit. Archeologists in Egypt have found what they believe to be a brewery dating back to 240 Affectionately known as Toast Cannibal, the Filet Américain is a staple of casual Belgian dining.

Goose Island Sophie 2012 (12oz bottle): They did a great job with this one, although what I assume is the batch number didn’t print right, you can clearly see when the beer was bottled, and at the top there is some additional information about how long this can age.

Founders KBS 2012: This one has a nice clearly stamped bottle date that is easy to find directly above the label.

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