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Her big, Latina ass was so sexy grinding up against me, I remember this moment being one of my favorites of my time in Nicaragua.My girl taught me some Bachata and Salsa and at the end of the night I pushed for my girl to come home with me.

Chaman wasn’t near as full as I remembered and I didn’t like not having many options of girls to open. We had just left the club when I saw a group of girls taking pictures outside the club, I opened one of them.

Later I opened a girl sitting down and I had gotten two numbers. One from a girl selling backpacks and one from a girl at a local cell phone company.

Both these numbers are going to prove a point later about Nicaraguan Girls. That night I got a message from one of the #’s from La UCA. It was a Wednesday night and I wondered if it was a house party or what.

We got to the new place and it was obviously a local spot.

Saladin took my girls sister and all 6 of us went out on the dance floor and started dancing.

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