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“The trip-hop rhythms may have been replaced by a more varied range of beats, from the languid funk groove of “Freakshow” to the de-syncing drum machines of “One More Sip”, but the mood and manner of Ghostpoet (Obaro Ejimiwe)’s fourth album is steeped in much the same themes and textures, hauled up to date and delivered in a nonchalant deadpan akin to Roots Manuva.” Leave” uses a “shifting backdrop of flanged guitar and sporadic piano chords over an itchy drum shuffle to carry its tableau of cramped, paranoiac millennial hedonism struggling with forces beyond its control”.Elsewhere he commented on how grim realities such as the drowning refugee in “Immigrant Boogie” work against the chipper mood on the likes of “Woe Is Meee”, where Ojimiwe claims, “I had a dance with the devil, I couldn’t keep his pace”.

in an interview earlier this month: “We’re lucky hip hop has a Kendrick.” The release of K Dot’s fourth studio record marked another masterpiece for the rap canon; the master storyteller outstripping his closest competitors once again in a work that was impossible to second-guess.We get a perfect balance between the influences he draws on from the best of US hip hop and the power of his own, distinctly south London voice.Carner wears his heart on his sleeve in everything that he does; there is not one moment on this record where he hides from his emotions.Family is at the heart of everything, from the charming conversation between him and his mother, where he allows her to call him a “shmoo”; the song “Florence”, where he imagines life with a baby sister; to the closing title track, which features recordings by his late, beloved step-father. Working mostly in New York with producer Jack Antonoff (Bleachers, St Vincent, Taylor Swift), Lorde created an album that documents feelings of early adulthood, spanning desire, heartbreak, fear, certainty.She captures how it feels as a young person living in a huge city with millions of people, and to still feel lonely.Where on he ventures deeper into his own mind, apparently exhausted by the pressure from fans, peers and critics to be this constant pioneer, offering up what most fans would identify as a “traditional” rap album to date, of course with his own, post-modern detours.Throughout the record he seems to tackle his own contradictory feelings about his status as an artist.Paak, Busta Rhymes, Amber Navran and Terrace Martin.It’s an album that buzzes with life, and is impossible to pre-empt, with scope to become a classic.She doesn’t set out with any one statement, choosing instead to explore those ideas as she goes along, wondering aloud to herself and allowing the listener to hear those musings in the same vein as Frank Ocean.On “Doves In The Wind” you hear a classic Kendrick beat before SZA comes in and sings “I’m really tryna crack off that headboard” with sweetly brazen tones that recall Prince at his sexiest.

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