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Consolidating democratic governance in southern america botswana

Publication This newsletter contains seven articles and three brief reports.The first article, by Leif Egeland, discusses the development of the South African Institute of International Affairs, and welcomes support by members to secure its future. Publication This newsletter contains four articles and two brief reports: Luciano Tomassini’s article concerns Latin American nationalism in the light of the Consensus of Vina del Mar, where the Latin American governments concluded that the domestic effort...

These climatic conditions make Lesotho to be highly vulnerable to climate change impacts. Publication There is need for the African states to develop appropriate policies and legal frameworks to enable the local communities to benefit through Access and Benefit Sharing of their resources nurtured for a long time. Publication Traditional healers in Lesotho and other African countries have since pre-historic times played a major role in primary health care, counseling and rituals performed for different purposes in the society. Publication Agriculture is the major source of income for the rural population in Lesotho.

The arable land is about 9% of the total land area and the current crop yields are about half the level achieved in the late 1970s. Publication PPPs for infrastructure involves the private sector in designing, building, financing and operating public infrastructure in sectors such as power generation, transportation, utilities, social infrastructure and government accommodation. Publication "This occasional paper discusses the controversial issue of food aid which in the view of the World Bank and the World Food Programme is "an important and undervalued resource for development in Africa". Publication "The case studies in this monograph begin to close the gap by sketching the political environments that are operative in the selected countries; outlining the constitutional clauses and policy and legal frameworks that govern the security sector;...

"This research report analyses the consolidation of democratic governance in Botswana.

It is part of a larger study on consolidating democratic governance in Southern Africa.

Lesotho is also one of the poorest countries in the world due to hi...

Publication "The purpose of this paper is to investigate whether the transition to a democracy in Lesotho, since its independence in 1966, has resulted in the socio-economic development and an improvement in the lives of citizens in this country.

Traditional healers are popular as they are affordable, accessible, adaptable and culturally...

Publication "Lesotho is heavily influenced by a variety of competing weather systems because of its high elevation that range from 1,388 to 3,482m above sea level.

If, indeed, the theoretical and practical interface between these phenomena adds value to the nurturing and consolidation of democratic governance, then how best should the Southern African Development Community (SADC) states make sure that there are no reversals on the democratic governance project?

In a word, how do the states ensure sustainability of the process?

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