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These are the only parts where optimisation is going to give you results, and since typically it is only a small part of the program, you end up doing a fraction of the work, with resulting happiness and less evil committed in terms of ugly code. If done right, you will have a Lua program with almost the performance of a C program, but shorter and easier to maintain.With Lua JIT you may not need to use C at all, especially since the built-in foreign-function interface FFI makes it very efficient to access external C functions and structures.

There are several approaches for enforcing some strictness with globals.

The easiest is to check dynamically whether a given global variable has been initialised -like code checking tool.

In mathematical notation array indices count from one, and so does Lua. The historical reason (see The Evolution of Lua) is that Lua evolved to solve engineering needs at the Brazillian state oil company (Petrobras).

It was designed for engineers who were not professional programmers and more likely to be used to FORTRAN. This is a valid value for a variable, so mistyping a variable name can have interesting results, even if we were avoiding using globals like good boys and girls.

Maintainer: Steve Donovan (steve j donovan at gmail com), 2009-2011; version 2.0.

Creative Commons License; Reproduction in any form is permitted as long as this attribution is kept.(the first edition is available online) If you are coming to Lua from another programming language, then see the list of common gotchas.And (of course), read the manual, although this is probably not a good place to .One scenario is that you already have big C/C /Java/C# (etc) applications and wish to let your users script those applications.Lua will only add about 150-170K, which gets you a modern extension language which understands your special needs (like sand boxing) and can be easily integrated with your code.However, the existing string libraries assume single-byte characters, so a special library is needed; see slnunicode or ICU4Lua. Remember the three basic requirements of a system: Correct, Robust and Efficient, and the engineering rule of thumb that you may have to pick only two.Donald Knuth is often quoted about optimisation: "If you optimise everything, you will always be unhappy" and "we should forget about small efficiencies, say about 97% of the time: premature optimisation is the root of all evil." Assume a program is correct and (hopefully) robust.Lua is a compact language with a clean, conventional syntax which is easy to read.This makes it a good choice for embedding as a scripting language in larger applications, but also is suitable for introducing programming concepts.It runs interactively so exploring the language and its libraries is easy.Some comparisons with other languages can be found on the Lua Wiki.

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