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I find a story that has something to do with [the question I don’t want to answer], but doesn’t quite answer it, but still adds humor. My husband is witty and I had to learn to be witty. We developed this weird friendship because Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child knew Tim [Witherspoon] since she was a kid. I was dating this loser guy at the time and I was asking Tim for relationship advice.

We talked on the phone one day and I never wanted to stop talking to him.

I feel like the girl-group culture is just lost right now. When I can’t see the best in me, they see it and they remind me of it. You appreciate them when they’re there and you appreciate them when they’re gone. I circled so many mountains for years with the wrong people around me.

I didn’t want to be one of those mid-30-year-olds saying clichés, but it really is true.

Growing up, Kelly was interested in the choir of her parents church.

After listening to Whitney Houston, Kelly was convinced at the age of four that she would be a singer (

I love, of course, Meagan Good, Kelley Stewart, and Keri Hilson are part of the film as well as Brandon, Jeffrey.

And I'm just so happy that I got to meet with the director in [UNKNOWN] and we were just going back and forth, and she's just brilliant, and I'm so happy that I got a chance to work with her, she set the whole tone and pace of the set, and she made it super peaceful.

In my world, you're gone, like you never existed.

Guests included her Destiny’s Child bandmates Rowland and Michelle Williams and tennis ace Serena Williams, who is also pregnant.

But if you start to waste my time, and I'm feeling like you're wasting my time.

Yeah, I just, I wasn't into wasting my time nor anyone else's.

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