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A Metro Atlanta woman was robbed and shot in the face by a man she met in person for the first time.

SPECIAL TO THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS -- An unidentified young woman lunges forward and touches the body of Michael A. Three suspects were arrested in connection with Donald's murder. /img/http Image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/nynyd-news-ny924-39410-jpg.jpg" / Michael Donald After a black man was freed by a jury in the killing of a white police officer in Alabama, klansmen retaliated by finding Donald, who was strung up and killed on March 20, 1981, in what is often referred to as the last recorded lynching. /img/http Image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/killed15n-3web.jpg" / Michael Griffith On Dec.

1984 picture of Michael Griffith (l) and friend Lee Andre Johnson. 19, 1986, a car carrying Griffith, 23, and three pals broke down on Cross Bay Blvd. After eating at the New Park Pizzeria, the four men were attacked by 10 white men.

Think of an athlete that tears a shoulder or dislocates a bone. If you’re not tall you need to accept that fact and keep it pushing.

Usually, the doctors will have them strengthen the muscles around the damaged area to prevent further injury and to compensate for any other damage. You also have to accept the fact that people will have no problem pointing out to you the fact that you’re not tall.

23, 1989, Hawkins and three friends headed to Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, to find out about a car for sale.

Instead, they were attacked by a crowd of 10 to 30 white youths. RELATED: GEORGE ZIMMERMAN VERDICT SPARKS OUTRAGE AT PROTESTS PHOTOS: PROTESTS AND DEMONSTRATIONS ACROSS THE U. Confidence is (Really) Key: Any short person knows that the term “Napoleon complex” is always loaded up and ready to fire at will.People expect those who aren’t tall to be combative, self-conscious, and even introverted.A few years ago, I wrote about women and their disdain for shorter gentleman.Alas, in 2012, it seems that things are turning around for the small guys! Let me highlight some key ways in which these fellas are finding success with women: The Gift of Gab: Many of the shorter men that I know have exquisite elocution.The FBI is distributing thousands of these circulars in Miss., Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana.This poster shows photos of missing Freedom Riders Andrew Goodman, James Earl Chaney and Michael Henry Schwerner, who disappeared in Philadelphia, Miss., on June 21, 1964. /img/http Image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/killed15n-6web.jpg" / James Chaney On June 21, 1964, Chaney and fellow civil rights workers Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, were arrested in Philadelphia, Miss., by a deputy sheriff and then released into the hands of the KKK.If you walk into a room with a bunch of tall dudes, you can’t be scared, but you also have to be strategic in how you play the field.Short dudes now know how to get in where they fit in (no pun) and make the game work for them.The short dudes who I see flock to taller ladies inspire me the most. Have you seen shorter men display the qualities above? For men, having a woman taller than you can be intimidating, but when you exhibit the confidence that these gentlemen display, you can’t help but respectfully bow to their sense of self.

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