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Dating messages that work

But it has become unattractive now that it's in context. I should really work on improving myself in two areas: physical fitness and spiritual fitness.

The website itself is really something special as well.

It lets you set up your profile in as much detail as you like, and encourages you to add a photo or two.

Then I went in for a hug and she was super awkward.

We had a good time but I couldn't shake the fact that she looked like she'd never worked out or did any physical activity in her life. I realize how superficial and mean this all sounds but it's kind of not and I'll explain why. I don't expect to date a die-hard fitness instructor, but I want to be with someone who tries, like I try.

We were supposed to go kayaking the upcoming monday but then on the previous Saturday, she asked me what I was doing. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was going to go to the movies but then her friends cancelled etc. Since we had already talked about seeing Jason Bourne, I offered to take her after band practice and she jumped all over that idea. A movie date is a terrible first date situation but whatever. But then she friended me on Facebook the next day and was all over my posts, liking them and commenting on them. But then for the next week she was still all over my facebook. I also wont date someone who lives farther than 3 hours away. I wont date someone who likes country music or is ultra conservative.

I texted her something like "Hey I never heard from you on Monday; I guess I didn't impress lol." She just gave me the old "Sorry I got so busy..." excuse. She even made a funny reference to something that happened on our date. Then, Emily West, the nosiest person I know, texts Olga sort of warning me through her about Jennifer, that she's crazy and has been through 4 marriages and crap.

Amanda has gotten away with neglecting her body thus far because she doesn't look that bad considering.

But once she has kids, or once she hits her 30's, it's over.

The Myers-Briggs personality test even said that she is the type of person to have fairy tale-esque expectations.

If I had to choose between someone who has been divorced, and someone who has never been in a relationship before, all things equal, I'd pick the former.

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