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Following this morning’s announcement that Ryan Seacrest will be joining Kelly Ripa as her morning show co-host, people seem to have a vested interested in Ryan and all things about the 42-year-old!MORE: Find out How Ryan Seacrest “Discovered” the Kardashians!

Ratings for his coverage of red carpet ahead of the 90th annual Academy Awards for E!

The Wilhelmina Models beauty, 25, soaked in the sun wearing a flirty knit bikini while offered up an eyeful of her full chest and taut tummy.

Elsewhere, beau Ryan, 43, was likely reeling from a sour experience at Sunday's Academy Awards, where celebs steered clear of the presenter following news of sexual harassment allegations against him that emerged last February.

The Post revealed that the star would like to return to the West Village.

He reportedly checked out a million, four-bedroom penthouse, as well as one for .5 and another for .5 million.

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